Azealia Banks - ATM Jam (feat. Pharrell) [Official Video]

Title: UnknownWork Bitch (Azealia Banks Remix)
Artist: UnknownBritney Spears
Album: Unknown
Played: 86,455



soblueitsblack asked: "Obviously you're not responsible for it, but why would anyone make the Azealia Banks mermaid white? You can see it in your Venus music post. It irks me to the bone. Love your blog though! Keep up the good work!"

I didn’t even see this message my bad and yeah I agree. Thanks, I’ve been slacking lately smh

Title: UnknownVenus (feat. Azealia Banks)
Artist: UnknownPaul Oakenfold
Album: UnknownVenus (feat. Azealia Banks) - Single
Played: 1,833


Paul Oakenfold feat. Azealia Banks — Venus

"Une chance, une danse, un rendez-vous en France.